Housing construction is as complex as the individual residents – from upscale single-family homes to socially subsidised apartment blocks. They have in common that housing is a building task that leads directly to the origins of architecture.

  • Oriented towards the residents’ needs for protection but also for daylight and fresh air.
  • Rooms that allow both retreat and community.

Doors and windows are an essential part of every living area. They protect where openings are necessary and desired.

Connecting inside and outside – separating private and public

Glazed windows were long considered a luxury. The production of large panes was costly. Today, large-format window elements are standard – with sills or floor-to-ceiling, for tilting, turning and sliding. They open up the interior – visually and, in the case of French windows, also practically.
Protection from the weather, such as rain and freezing temperatures, is not an issue thanks to modern glass and frame constructions.

Structural sun protection for interiors and climate

Structural sun protection is not new – what is new is the relevance it also has in our latitudes.
On the one hand, large window areas require adequate protection from excessive sunlight exposure. The sun can heat up the interior considerably. It bleaches textiles and paper and dazzles.
On the other hand, a well-thought-out climate concept based on passive sun power can save energy and reduce ancillary costs.

  • External shading prevents the rooms from heating up because the heat does not reach the interior.
  • However, with a movable sunshade such as a sliding shutter, folding sliding shutter or lifting folding shutter, the sun can still be caught in the winter months and used to heat the rooms.

Baier offers maximum freedom of design. Starting with different models, fillings and colours, through automatic or manual control, to project-specific installation planning.
Exterior sliding shutters have another decisive advantage: they protect against sunlight and against stares.

Architectural privacy protection with sliding shutters and co.

With the large glass surfaces, another protective function of the façade becomes relevant: privacy protection – in this case, visual protection. It is not always possible to design the façade in such a way that no views are possible from the street or neighbouring properties.

Of course, every resident can help himself individually with interior privacy protection such as Venetian blinds, jalousies and curtain rails. But if every window is fitted differently, this has an impact on the appearance of the building.

A second façade level with privacy protection elements from Baier, such as sliding shutters, folding sliding shutters or lifting folding shutters, creates a uniform and high-quality appearance. The residents do not have to compromise on individuality. The movable sun and privacy protection elements can be adjusted exactly as desired – manually or conveniently by a switch from the interior.

Security with aluminium entrance doors

When it comes to the front door, one thing, in particular, is required: security. At the intersection between private and public, it protects the private rooms that contain many essential items to the residents.
Architecturally, the front door is the first point of contact with the private area – for residents and visitors. Therefore, its design deserves special attention.
Modern aluminium front doors from Baier combine both: high security and individual design freedom. Depending on the planning, Baier also manufactures larger door systems with a second sash or side panels. In addition, they naturally meet the current requirements for thermal insulation.


Attic: conversion reserve for cool heads

However, anyone who has ever used rooms under the roof knows how difficult good thermal insulation is to achieve here. A well-insulated roof surface is one thing – good shading is another because the sloping glass surfaces catch the sunlight.
Baier also offers the right shading and darkening with roof window shutters – for almost all roof windows and different drive technologies. The matching roof window from renowned manufacturers is also available on request.

Baier enhances the design and layout options in residential construction

The Baier company has made a name for itself in residential construction, especially with its movable sun protection systems.

  • Baier’s high-quality sliding, folding-sliding, and lifting-folding shutters allow spacious window areas, also to the south or to streets and neighbouring properties. This makes the interior design more flexible, and the rooms benefit from width and brightness.
  • The façade design gains a new dimension with the customised sliding shutter systems from Baier. Each system is unique – developed and manufactured according to the architectural design idea.
  • Movable shading in front of the façade makes an important contribution to climate-friendly architecture. Baier ensures reliable operation with suitable, low-maintenance and durable drive technology.
  • Baier roof window shutters ensure that rooms in the attic remain cool and make it possible to open up additional living space.
  • Aluminium front doors from Baier provide secure protection for living spaces against burglary and in the event of a fire. The same also applies to Baier’s aluminium windows, available in sizes from S to XL and are always tailor-made.
  • On request, the components can be installed and commissioned by experienced craftsmen, and their long-term function can be ensured through maintenance and service.

Convince yourself of the versatility and functional quality. Let our references inspire you. Our references show what is possible. Our project consultants will be happy to support you in implementing your ideas.