Hospitality & Health

Flexible use of daylight at the workplace

Good sun shading also functions as glare protection in the healthcare sector, making it easier for doctors and nurses to work at screens and ensuring pleasant daylight control in practice and clinic rooms.

The protection of privacy through optimal visual protection is another essential function that individual sun shading systems from Baier provide. Especially in the healthcare sector and hotels, privacy is a high value – and the basis for trust and well-being.

Sun protection ensures a balanced effect for people and the environment

But it is not only patients and guests who benefit from intelligent sun protection that directs daylight and shades the room. The environment is also relieved. Well-designed sun protection systems are an essential component of low-tech climate concepts.

Among other things, they rely on passive solar energy, which also warms up the rooms in winter – and thus saves energy. In summer, the rays of the rising sun are shielded. When it comes to people’s health and well-being, environmental protection is an essential component.

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Accessibility – good for everyone

In the health sector, the barrier-free aspect plays a significant role. It is often overlooked that a barrier-free environment is good for everyone – for old, for young, for people with different physical strength and ability, for staff, with full hands and guests with heavy suitcases.

Automatic drives are drivers of comfort and functionality

Components that have to be moved to perform their function can quickly become a barrier. This includes doors in particular. Baier ensures easy handling and a high level of comfort with automated entrance doors that can be slid and turned as well as with motor-driven sun protection systems. The drive technology comes from Baier. Automatic drives also ensure the best functionality: sun protection systems that automatically follow the course of the sun and doors that open by themselves enable hospital and hotel staff to concentrate fully on guests and patients.

Open – for guests, patients and the future

Of course, hotels are properties that have to be operated economically. Outdated and faulty components cause costs and, in the worst case, can hinder operations. Rooms and areas that cannot be used are also a problem in the healthcare sector – in hospitals and medical centres.
Durable and low-maintenance components help to save costs and ensure a long-lasting attractive appearance.

Aluminium windows and door systems are individual and durable

Baier proves that economical operation and a feel-good ambience are not mutually exclusive. The metal processing company manufactures object-specific door systems for the entrance area.
The basis is formed by versatile multi-chamber profiles made of aluminium. In combination with high-quality fittings and drives and large-scale glazing, an individual entrance situation is created that warmly welcomes all those arriving.

With the profile systems, Baier also creates durable aluminium windows that fit precisely and in accordance with the design idea for the façade.

Sliding windows combine openness with protection

Windows and doors inside buildings also provide protection – against germs or thieves, for example. If communication is to be temporarily enabled – at the reception desk, for example, or at the entrance to the station – then sliding windows perform an excellent service.
Baier offers windows with horizontally and vertically sliding casements. They connect when needed, allow permanent visual contact, and protect the areas behind them, valuables, and the people staying there.
And if an opening is used temporarily, but its full size is needed? Then a folding lift shutter from Baier forms a suitable room closure – for example, as a food counter or as the counter of an interior kiosk.

Baier ensures relaxation – also in planning and implementation

For many years, Baier has been supporting planners, architects, and installers to realise places of recuperation and relaxation. With many years of expertise and ideal product solutions, the company does not let stress arise.

  • Baier sun protection systems are always custom-made – as rigid façade cladding, with movable slats or consisting of sliding shutters, sliding folding shutters or lifting folding shutters.
  • Aluminium window and door systems are also manufactured specifically for each project and allow the implementation of individual design ideas.
  • Filling and colour can be selected individually for all systems. Baier develops the design according to the requirements of the object.
  • Automatic drives ensure the best possible function independently of human intervention. This is not only convenient but also barrier-free.
  • Aluminium as the primary material is resistant and durable. For all moving parts and the drive technology, attention is paid to the highest quality and long-lasting function.
  • On request, the components can be installed and commissioned by experienced craftsmen, and their function can be ensured in the long term through maintenance and service.

Convince yourself of the versatility and functional quality. Let our references inspire you. Our references show what is possible. Our project consultants will be happy to support you in the implementation of your ideas.
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