A visit to a fine restaurant or to your “favourite Italian”. Going out with friends, maybe even dancing the night through. A snack during a break or a business lunch with colleagues and customers. Restaurants are not only responsible for the culinary spice of life.
According to the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA Bundesverband), there were 165,206 businesses in the hospitality industry in 2018 – from restaurants to snack bars, cafés and ice cream parlours to pubs and nightclubs. The maxim “The customer is king” unites all hospitality businesses – no matter what type. In addition to the range of food, drinks and possibly also entertainment, the architecture influences the guests’ well-being.
An unmistakable appearance serves as the business card of the establishment.

  • From an appealing and well-kept ambience, guests infer the quality of the offer and a high standard of hygiene.
  • A pleasant room climate without disturbing light reflections ensures a good stay.
  • Fast and smooth service procedures ensure satisfied guests who return.

Interior and façade design, therefore, have a direct influence on guest numbers and thus on revenue.

The eye also eats – beyond the edge of the plate.

The rustic corner pub or the well-designed Michelin star restaurant, the ice cream parlour in 50s style or the vegan restaurant with a long wooden table for everyone. In gastronomy, the ambience is the agenda. It is as much a part of the experience as the food and drinks.
But it is not only the appearance that counts. Hygiene is an existential factor in gastronomy. Guests take the rooms they can see as a benchmark for areas they cannot see. A well-kept ambience, therefore, creates trust.

Individual and well-kept ambience with interior fittings made of steel profiles

Baier has long been a partner of shopfitters when it comes to the unique design of interiors for the catering trade.

  • A customised door system made of high-quality aluminium profiles welcomes guests.
  • Steel constructions with and without glazing – manufactured according to the designs – provide a striking industrial look – whether as functional separation or decorative furnishing.

Metal is particularly resistant and hygienic so that the interior design remains attractive for a long time. By the way, this is also what makes Baier’s aluminium windows and doors stand out. They are also manufactured precisely according to the planner’s specifications.

Façade cladding that creates interest

If the interior is the business card of the establishment, the façade can be seen as an invitation. The aim is to attract the guest’s attention and achieve recognition value.
The planner does not always have a free hand in the exterior design. But if, for example, the façade can be included in the planning of a new building, a cladding with sliding elements or a lamella construction from Baier opens up many design options. Baier developed and manufactured the second skin specifically for the object – in appearance, function, structure, material and colour.
And yet another issue is decided on the façade: the room climate. Too much sunlight – especially in summer – can heat up the rooms unpleasantly and dazzle guests. On the other hand, it can be good to warm up behind a large panel of glass in winter.
An external sunshade with movable elements or lamellas from Baier can always be positioned exactly as required – manually or automatically. The use of passive solar energy in combination with adequate sun protection can also save operating costs – in summer for cooling and in winter for heating.

Schiebefenster vertikal wärmegedämmt

Guest satisfaction is determined behind the scenes

No matter how inviting the first impression or how appealing the ambience is, it’s a big drawback if you have to wait a long time for food or drinks. Therefore, the organisation of work processes – also in terms of space – is crucial for customer satisfaction.
Approximately 1.5 million people were employed in the catering industry at the end of 2019, many in service. In each shift, they cover many kilometres – often heavily loaded with full or empty plates and glasses. Every move and every step has to be correct.

Automatic doors and sliding windows for smooth processes

Automatically opening hinged and sliding doors from Baier quickly and reliably clear the way where they would otherwise separate and protect. Entrance doors and sliding doors in the interior become comfortable and barrier-free with a low-energy drive – this also pleases the customer.
Sliding windows from Baier are particularly interesting for snack bars or businesses with outdoor catering. Guests can be served directly from the interior without having to walk long distances. Moreover, the open window casement does not take up any space.
Baier offers windows with horizontally or vertically sliding casements – precisely matched to the conditions on-site and the requirements.

At Baier, the customer is king – and so is the design idea.

Shopfitters, interior, and building architects have a reliable partner in Baier when it comes to façade and interior design, as well as window and door equipment for catering establishments.

  • Movable and rigid sun protection systems in different variants, constructively tailored to the object and with versatile fillings and colours, enable an attractive façade design and a pleasant indoor climate inside.
  • Baier attaches great importance to quality and functionality in all components, fittings and drives. A long service life protects the environment and the wallet.
  • On request, the components can be installed and commissioned by experienced craftsmen, and their function can be ensured in the long term through maintenance and service.

Convince yourself of the functional quality of our façade, sun protection and extension solutions for restaurants. Let yourself be inspired by the design versatility. Our references show what is possible. Our project consultants will be happy to support you in the implementation of your ideas.
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