Food & Retail

From staple foods to luxury items – these are all part of so-called private consumption. According to the Federal Statistical Office, Germans spent an average of almost 600 euros per month on food (348 euros), interior decoration and household appliances (140 euros) and clothing (110 euros) in 2017. This corresponds to just under a quarter of the household income.

To cover their private consumption, each German household went shopping 193 times in 2018, spending around 20 euros. This is what the market research company Nielsen found out in its study “Nielsen Consumer 2019”.

Shopping experience instead of quick kick

Even though competition from online retail is growing more and more and the number of shop visits has decreased slightly in recent years, shoppers are still in a shop every other day. And for good reason.
Many people believe of themselves that they are rational beings. But purchasing decisions are made emotionally to a large percentage. The shopping experience and the presentation of the goods play a major role. No online retailer can offer this.

Wow factor – support for creative shopfitting

The joint study “Trends in Retail 2025” shows the importance of a shop’s interior design. For 38 per cent of consumers, the atmosphere and furnishings are so important that they would even pay a higher price for them!

But it is not only the immediate purchase decision that is positively influenced by the design of the business premises. An individual and expressive appearance strengthens the customer’s emotional bond with the company – and thus ensures that they come back again and again.

Steel constructions for furnishing or partition walls lend an authentic industrial look to craftsman’s businesses with a salesroom. Baier planned and manufactured specifically for the object – also in combination with glass, wood, or another material.

A high standard of hygiene is also required, especially in the food trade. Metals such as (stainless) steel and aluminium are resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. With a glazed steel skeleton as a partition wall, the combination of transparency and hygiene is also successful.

A warm welcome – custom-made shop windows and door systems

The process of wooing customers doesn’t just begin in the shop. The shop front is the shop’s showcase – and ideally invites the customer to take a look inside.

  • Shop windows as generous as possible draw the eye from the outside to the products and the interior – and arouse curiosity.
  • Friendly entrance areas welcome the customer and put him in a positive mood for the shopping experience.

Baier develops and manufactures customised shop window and door systems. High-quality aluminium profiles in various designs form the base so that the requirements of the building can be met in the best possible way. They are combined with glazing that suits the location. In addition, they can be coated in any desired RAL colour.

Automatiktür, Lebensmittel und Einzelhandel

High-quality fittings and drive technology are used for movable sashes and doors. Baier enables the individual and suitable design of the entrance area with different door variants:

  • Classic swing door with one or two sashes
  • Automated swing door
  • Automatic sliding doors – also with several or curved sashes
  • Revolving doors

Shopfronts from Baier are not only remarkably versatile but also support economical operation. All components and materials used are low-maintenance and durable. High safety standards also protect against burglary and in the event of a fire.

Delighted instead of dazzled

A positive shopping experience also includes the best possible products, presented appealingly, as well as friendly service. But both are also in the interest of the entrepreneur. After all, products that can no longer be sold due to damage or unmotivated staff cost money. One “culprit” is too much sunlight. Sun causes fresh goods to spoil faster and bleaches colours. It can also heat the room and blind the staff, who often face the entrance and shop window.

Sun protection for product and room temperature

As an expert in rigid and movable sun protection, Baier develops and manufactures sun protection systems that combine openness and transparency with the necessary sun and glare protection.
Sliding shutters, folding sliding shutters and lifting folding shutters are available in different versions as movable components. Colour and filling can be chosen individually. Baier also tailors the construction to the object and its requirements. A rigid sunshade with slats is also customised for the specific shop front.

Facade cladding for shopping centres and large commercial buildings

While small shops in the row can score with an inviting shop front, shopping malls and large objects such as furniture stores have to deal with the façade differently. Here, large volumes and windowless areas have to be designed appealingly.
As a design element, object-specific developed and manufactured sun protection systems with fixed or movable slats from Baier can contribute to and positively influence the desired external effect.
The attached car parks can be integrated into the overall appearance with an enclosure made of slats.

How Baier creates positive experiences in shopfitting

Shopfitters, interior designers and architects rely on Baier with a good feeling for the interior and façade design of objects in the food and retail trade.

  • With customised interior fittings, windows and doors, and sun protection systems, Baier inspires creative ideas in high-quality shopfitting.
  • The object-specific planning by experienced employees enables the smooth implementation of the design idea.
  • High-quality output products such as profiles and fittings and sophisticated drive technology from our own company ensure economical operation and long service life.
  • On request, the assembly, commissioning and maintenance of the component or system can be carried out by experienced Baier craftsmen.

Convince yourself of the variety of possibilities offered by Baier. Let our references inspire you. Our references show what is possible. Our project consultants will be happy to support you in the implementation of your ideas.
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