Education & Daycare

Buildings for education and training are highly heterogeneous – from daycare centres for the youngest children to universities for (young) adults. The relevance unites them that the place has for the users. They are

  • places of learning that prepare for the future.
  • social places where friends and colleagues are met.
  • places where hobbies are practised.

School buildings, kindergartens and university buildings thus take on critical social tasks – but often do not (any longer) do justice to them architecturally.

Schools and daycare centres – a building task with high demand

According to the German Institute of Urban Affairs (difu), the renovation backlog for school buildings amounted to 40 billion euros in 2019. Politicians and administrators have been trying to counteract this in recent years with investment programmes. But it is a huge task.

In addition to school renovation, the construction of new schools is also a building project that will have to be tackled more intensively in the coming years. The total number of students in Germany is indeed declining. But the situation is different in urban areas. Here, rising numbers make the construction of new school buildings necessary. Forecasts on the development of student numbers look similar, by the way.

The need for new daycare centres and kindergartens is even more striking. According to a study by the German Youth Institute, twice as many parents wanted a childcare place for their under-3-year-old child in 2017 as there were places available. This means that every second family was left empty-handed.

Increase quality of stay – establish identity

Last but not least, the all-day operation of schools ensures a longer length of stay – and changed usage requirements. From infants to young adults, children and young people spend a lot of their lives in educational buildings.
An attractive exterior and intact interiors are the minima. Good educational buildings also create an identification with the institution through an architectural recognition value. The façade plays an essential role in this. Full-surface metal cladding or sun protection systems from Baier are famous for this purpose. They can be individually adapted to the object and the desired appearance.
Inside the building, flexible, usable zones take into account both new educational concepts and a longer duration of stay. Movable room closures from Baier support multiple temporary uses and smooth functioning – such as a folding lift shutter as a food servery in the school canteen or (automatic) sliding doors for barrier-free traffic routes.

POS architects, auditorium and administration building Landshut University of Applied Sciences. Photos: © Peter Litvai

Shading protects the learning environment

Daylight is essential for our well-being and performance. But in a learning environment, direct sunlight can be a drawback. It dazzles and makes reading and writing difficult.

Tailor-made sun protection systems from Baier not only shade the room but also channel the daylight. The entire room is evenly illuminated indirectly. In addition, the glare protection makes it easier to work at the computer screen – especially given the increasing digitalisation of schools and learning.

Sun protection becomes environmental protection

As public buildings, schools, universities, and kindergartens should be sustainable. This includes economical operation through low resource consumption.

With a low-tech climate concept, this can be achieved easily and permanently. In winter, passive solar energy is used by letting the low sunshine far into the building. In summer, however, the interior rooms must be protected from overheating by too much sun.

The customised movable or rigid sun protection systems from Baier are ideal for this. If desired, they can also be automatically adjusted to precisely follow the sun’s course, independent of the user.

Saving at the right end

Even though many local communities are now putting money into renovating and constructing school buildings and day-care centres, the question of operating costs remains. In addition to energy savings through a climate concept with intelligent sun protection, this also includes maintenance and repair.

Resistant materials such as metal for windows, doors and façade cladding can withstand heavy use. High-quality drive technology and fittings, such as Baier’s, also ensure a long service life and low maintenance.

Vandalism at schools is a particular problem. In addition to using robust materials, experts focus on prevention through identification with the place and an appreciative design as described at the beginning.

Baier makes educational buildings ready for the future

As an expert in façade cladding, sun protection systems, movable room closures and metal windows and doors, Baier is the ideal partner for renovation and new construction projects in the education sector that meet all requirements.

  • The extensive product variety of sliding, folding sliding and lifting folding shutters as well as rigid sun protection systems offer the right solution for every application. Different models, fillings and colours allow for object-specific configuration. In addition to perfect function, this also provides the opportunity for an identity-creating façade design.
  • If desired, each system can be automated. The drive technology for this also comes from Baier. Thanks to an automatic control system, the sun shading system can always be adjusted precisely to the sun’s position and thus actively contribute to the climate concept of the building.
  • Full-surface façade cladding made of metal is not only particularly resistant but also gives an identity-creating appearance thanks to its customised components.
  • Metal windows also combine a high-quality appearance with long service life.
  • On request, the components can be installed and commissioned by experienced craftsmen, and their function can be ensured in the long term through maintenance and service.

Convince yourself of the versatility and functional quality. Let our references inspire you. Our references show what is possible. Our project consultants will be happy to support you in the implementation of your ideas.