What is a skylight?

On the one hand, a skylight is a light opening in the roof or in the ceiling. On the other hand, it also refers to an additional window above a door, a window or a sliding window element. Classic skylights in the roof, such as flat skylights, skylight domes, daylight spots and continuous roof lights, are additional light sources – the direct incidence of light from above allows daylight to enter the interior of the building.

If the skylights can be opened manually or electrically, the warm air can be vented through the opening. The rooms can be optimally and individually ventilated. A smoke/heat extraction system ensures the necessary safety in case of fire – the fire smoke can be discharged.

Skylights above a window or door are usually integrated into the prefabricated door or window frame and separated by a horizontal strut of the same material or installed as a separate element above the actual window or door.

Doors and windows can be opened or closed independently of the skylight. Like classic windows, fixed skylights can be fixed glazed, rotatable/tiltable or only tiltable or rotatable. Depending on the requirements, the skylights can be made of ornamental glass, single-pane safety glass, laminated glass, laminated safety glass, insulating glass, heat insulation glass, sound insulation glass, safety glass or fire protection glass.

Glossary overview