Retractable window

What is a retractable window?

One speaks of a retractable window when the moving casement of a vertical sliding window is lowered into a lower floor and is no longer visible in this open state.

Such a window is often used if the windows are at ground level, and the passage is subsequently used for people or vehicles as a doorway or gateway. In this case, the window moves into the basement or a floor pit. In the case of a retractable window, the moving sash then disappears completely when the window is in the open position. Often, a unique closure ensures that the upper frame part of the casement, which is then flush with the floor covering, can be walked on or driven over.

Since the moving casement is no longer visible in a retractable window, it is possible to create architectures that open up huge parts of a façade. Still, the functional technology behind it is no longer perceptible to the user when it is open.

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