Lifting folding shutter

What is a lifting folding shutter?

The modern façade design is characterised by uniform, homogeneous surfaces and is looking for constructive possibilities to shade large-area window elements, flush and harmoniously with the façade.

Folding shutters or lift-up shutters can do both. They offer protection from wind and weather and fulfil the requirements for a façade-flush closure of the façade. Sun protection, user comfort and energy efficiency can be intelligently combined.

The lifting folding shutter is a “vertical flap” that opens upwards. When open, the vertical lift shutter at the upper end of the system stands in a V-shape in front of the façade. This position ensures a stable position, even in the event of strong winds. Like a marquee or canopy, the overlapping “V” still provides effective sun or rain protection outdoors. When the lift-fold shutter is closed, the flush effect of the façade is maintained – the panels of the lift-fold system are integrated flush with the façade. Opening from the outside is prevented by a unique locking mechanism, and thus the lift-fold shutter system also offers a high level of protection against burglary.

Highly functional solutions are used in the automation of the lifting folding shutter. A carriage system consisting of high-tech plastic-coated stainless steel ball bearings ensures high load-bearing capacity and smooth running. A fall protection system is integrated, which has already proven itself for many years in the renowned Baier vertical sliding windows. The lifting folding system is driven by a motor positioned in the upper area linked to a toothed belt system. A product developed in-house is also used in terms of control – individual customer requirements can be realised. The connection to a control system for the ” smart house” is, of course, possible.

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