Fall protection

What does fall protection mean?

A fall protection device is a mechanism that prevents something from falling uncontrollably.

In our context, this term is mainly used for the product range of vertical sliding windows. As a rule, these vertical sliding windows are equipped with a fall protection device to prevent falling. Should the mechanism that holds the moving casement in normal operation fail, the fall protection will intervene.

Especially in the case of a vertical sliding window in public use, i.e. where many users approach the window, and also people use the vertical sliding window who have not been specially instructed, a vertical sliding window should have such a fall protection device.

In our vertical sliding windows, the moving casement is usually connected to a rope and pulleys counterweight. If this cable breaks, the moving casement could fall uncontrollably. A spring-loaded bolt attached to the line prevents this from happening with our vertical sliding windows.

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