Why are there made-to-measure roof windows?

Matching roof windows

In new buildings, standard dimensions of the roof window manufacturers are sufficient. In this case, standard sizes are already selected during the planning phase according to the specifications, wishes and needs, and the roof cut-outs (change) are produced. The interior fittings, including the interior panelling on the roof windows, are done later.

Affordable modernisation of roof windows

The situation is entirely different with existing residential roof windows – installed decades ago and now in need of renewal.

  • The interior linings, either tiled or made of high-quality wood, are still wholly working?
  • The manufacturer is unknown, or the dimensions do not come close to a current standard size?
  • Do you only want to replace the old skylight without a costly complete renovation of the roof?

Then you will find the solution in the made-to-measure renovation windows from ROTO and VELUX.

Made to measure renovation windows always fit

Based on the “clear interior lining dimensions”, a new residential roof window is made to measure for you. These individually manufactured plastic roof windows are made to fit perfectly to your existing interior linings. Only minor adjustments to the exterior of the new made-to-measure roof window are required.

Made-to-measure residential roof windows, VELUX calls these X99, ROTO MR – made-to-measure renovation windows, thus enable you to find quick, clean and affordable solutions for replacing your old, defective roof windows.

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