What do sliding shutters cost approximately?

Pricing for sliding shutters

The question of the costs for sliding shutters cannot be answered in a general way. This is because, as with every complex and individually manufactured product, the cost calculation depends on a large number of parameters.

Even the price per square metre is difficult to name because the costs of a sliding shutter are not only determined by the surface area. The necessary individual parts and the planning and installation costs that have to be taken into account for each system are also calculated.

As a general rule …

  • … as a rule, the larger the shop area, the cheaper the price of a sliding shutter in relation to the area.
  • … the price of a sliding shutter will be the cheaper in relation to the area; the fewer shutters are used.

Nevertheless, we would like to try and determine the approximate price of a sliding shutter and use the approach of working with an exemplary system. Please understand that a concrete and binding price for a sliding shutter can only be determined through an individual quotation, which we will be happy to prepare for you.

To calculate straightforwardly, we are assuming a window with a reveal size of 1.0 x 2.0 m. This means that we have a reference area of 2.0 m. We, therefore, have a reference area of 2 sqm.

  • Sliding shutter fitting 180,07 € (151,32 € net)
    consisting of upper runner, lower guide rail, guide glider with mounting bracket next to the reveal edge and accessory kit consisting of runner, a suspension bracket and screw as well as stop buffer
  • Mounting solution 177,85 € (149,45 € net)
    consisting of support profile, cover panel and side cover
  • Electric drive 440,88 € (370,49 € net)
    consisting of a motor, control unit, toothed belt, belt clamp and pulley
  • Sliding shutter model Freiburg 668,30 € (561,60 € net)
    consisting of circumferential frame made of aluminium and larch slats
  • Sliding shutter price electric system: 1.467,10 € (1.232,86 € net)
  • Sliding shutter price manual system: 1.026,22 € (862,37 € net)

Depending on the exact design, the cost of the sliding shutter can vary. We can assume between €400 to €600 per sqm for such a system in manual and between €600 to €800 per sqm for an electric system.

Pricing details

Prices: This calculation was made on 23.08.2017, based on the price list and a VAT rate of 19%. The prices printed in bold are gross prices, including VAT. The net prices, plus VAT, are shown for comprehension.

Technique: As a rule, we recommend an overhang of 60 mm per side for the sliding shutter, so we assume a sliding shutter hang of 1.12 x 2.0 m. The top track in this example would be 2.18 m. For the sliding shutter price, we use the Freiburg model as a basis. The bottom guide is selective, with a glider next to the reveal edge and a guide rail on the shutter. All profiles are powder-coated in the RAL of your choice.

Assembly: Assembly is not included in the costs mentioned above and depends individually on the respective requirements of the subfloor. To give you a guideline here: If we assume eight installations of this size, a journey of approx. 300km and a wall on which the sliding shutters can be installed directly (i.e. without any other substructure/brackets), the installation costs would be approx—420€ (352.94 € net).

Binding nature: This is not a binding offer. Despite all the care taken with this text, please send us an enquiry, and you will receive a sliding shutter offer tailored to your individual needs.

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