What are the advantages of folding shutters?

Flexible “folder”

Lifting folding shutters open and close the façade. The specially designed “window shutters”, which close vertically from the bottom to the top, are very popular in modern architecture. But what is the reason for this?

Classic advantages of a lift-fold shutter

Like all classic sun shades, lift-up folding shutters first of all offer protection against undesirable weather influences, for example, from excessive sunlight, but also rain or storms.

In the case of shutters in general, compared to other types of sun protection, especially some types of roller shutters or external Venetian blinds, it must be said that shutters can also be closed during strong winds. External Venetian blinds then often have to move into a so-called protective position. Although lift-fold shutters are also more stable in a particular position than in others, this can be implemented via the design, if necessary, so that the lift-fold shutter is more stable in the desired position. These design details must be clarified on a project-specific basis.

Various fillings for folding shutters

Any material and geometry can be used as a filling for the lift-fold shutter. As a rule, however, you want to use the advantages of the lift-fold shutter (see above). Therefore use a filling that is placed on the frame at the front and not integrated into the frame.

For this reason, flat panels or thin slats placed on the front of the shutter are particularly suitable. As mentioned above, the advantages come into their own when the fixed façade cladding is also made of the same material. This partially conceals the technology of the folding lift shutter and is no longer noticeable, especially when closed.

What are the characteristics of the product folding lifting shutter?


Smallest joint patterns

Lifting folding shutters are particularly suitable for flat fillings such as perforated sheet, sheet metal or expanded metal, but also HPL panels (high-pressure laminate). This is because they allow for the most minimal joint patterns when closed.

The frame and the entire hardware and drive technology lie behind the filling of the lift-fold shutter and are virtually concealed by it. The movement sequence allows for creating beautiful and homogeneous joint and façade patterns that do not differ from the area of the fixed façade cladding in the area of the sun protection.

Canopy included

Whether open or closed, our folding shutters integrate into the surface of the building and form a harmonious “whole”. While the lift-fold shutter covers the window when closed, the open lift-fold shutter stands in front of the façade in a v-shape. When the lift-fold shutter is opened, the lift-fold shutter casements fold up in a concertina shape and remain as a “canopy” in front of the building façade.

Since the sun usually shines on a building from above at a certain angle, the lift-fold shutter also provides shade when it is open.

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