Powder coating – decorative surface finishing?

Perfect surface

Powder-coated metals leave nothing to be desired in terms of colour and are weather-resistant, lightfast, scratch-resistant, solvent-resistant and, above all, easy to clean.

In powder coating, an electrically conductive material such as steel, stainless steel or aluminium is coated with powder paint in a unique coating process. The electrically charged powder, based on polyester resin or epoxy resin, is applied to the material with a spray gun. Beforehand, the material is mechanically or chemically pre-treated, i.e. de-rusted, degreased or blasted, which is very important for the powder coating quality.

At a temperature of up to 250°C, the paint coating is made to melt and harden into a flexible yet rigid layer. This industrial painting is a solvent-free and environmentally friendly process and creates extremely impact- and scratch-resistant surfaces and reliable corrosion protection. Critical areas such as corners and edges are perfectly and evenly sealed.

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