In which roof pitches can residential roof windows be installed?

Fresh air and daylight in the roof space

Swing windows are often used in the roof area. When the window is opened, the lower section of the skylight swings outwards, and the upper section turns inwards. The attic can be ventilated quickly and effectively. However, it should be noted that when the window is fully open, half of the casement protrudes into the interior.

Swing windows

Approved roof pitch for pivot windows: from 15° degrees to 90° degrees.

Hinged-swing windows belong to the new generation of residential roof windows and combine two opening mechanisms with flaps and swings. The window casement opens (swings) outwards up to 45 degrees. If you want to clean the roof window casement, you swing the window into the so-called “cleaning position”.

Hinged-swing windows

Approved roof pitch for hinged-swing windows:
from 20/25° to 55/65° degrees, depending on the manufacturer.

Below 15° degrees, the impermeability of the skylights cannot be guaranteed.

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