Glass – the multifunctional top product?

Sustainable, universal and timelessly beautiful

In modern architecture, the material glass offers the most fantastic design freedom and enjoys increasing popularity among builders, planners and metalworkers. Clear lines and an almost frameless look combined with the material glass characterise the appearance of a building. Glass is ideal for setting accents on the façade, whether coloured or transparent. The right glass should be chosen according to the requirements. Consideration should be given to light transmission, reflection, glare protection, sound insulation and sun protection. Refined, multifunctional glass combines functionality and aesthetics and provides optimal sun protection in summer, prevents heat loss in winter and creates a feel-good daylight atmosphere.

Sun protection glass – innovative sun protection

Glass is given special properties by using various processing and coating techniques. For example, sun protection glass achieves improved sun protection properties through absorption, in which case dyes are added during the glass melting process, in which the glass is coated with a metallic, adhesive film. The coloured sun protection glass absorbs the solar radiation and emits the energy to the outside – in the case of coated glass, the sun radiation is reflected to the outside.

The glass is coated, vapour-deposited or printed with metallic materials to direct light in a targeted manner.

Self-cleaning properties of glass are also achieved with special finishing techniques. Dust and other contaminants adhere less easily – the glass stays clean longer.

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