Expanded metal – filigree and yet stable?

Transparent, filigree and stable

Expanded metal is a material with openings on the surface. Staggered cuts with simultaneous stretching deformation create an expanded metal mesh with considerable strength and surface stability. With the modern-looking building material expanded metal, an economical and aesthetic façade design can be achieved. Durable, filigree and yet stable, transparent constructions with expanded metal fulfil the static requirements.

Sliding shutters made of expanded metal

Expanded metal sliding shutters have a three-dimensional look, inspire with a different incidence of light and guarantee perfect privacy and sun protection. Many bonnets are created when the metal is stretched, each one functioning as a sun protection slat. Thus, the arrangement of the meshes and bonnets in the expanded metal reduces sunlight exposure. Similarly, the special meshing ensures good rear ventilation and excellent weather protection.

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