Do-it-yourself at a low price?

Good cooperation

Whether we give preference to domestic woods over other woods, whether you would like to take on parts of the work yourself as a mechanic, or whether you only have the fittings and hangings, and we supply the matching drives. Everyone does what they do best.

As a manufacturer, we produce our products in Germany, partly deliver worldwide, and assemble ourselves. What distinguishes us from other manufacturers is that we work open-mindedly and unconventionally with partners and customers, i.e. project partners. Can you contribute project sections, product parts or work yourself? That’s no problem with us. We are happy to work with you. Please look at our references; you will always find projects in which cooperation has brought the desired success.

We plan, draw, manufacture, assemble, operate and take care of maintenance or we share the tasks. Let’s talk about it.
Give us a call. As a metal builder, Baier can realise many things. You can make your contribution. This means that price and performance can also be shaped. Work together with us.

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