Can roof window roller shutters also move upwards from below?

Simply reversed

Usually the roller shutter box sits above the window and the roller shutter runs from top to bottom. The skylight roller shutter is a self-contained system, so why shouldn’t a roller shutter run from bottom to top. After all, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Roof window roller shutters rethought

With our many years of experience in roller shutter construction and a little inventive talent, we turned something well-tried into something innovative “new”. Baier has designed a roller shutter for the latest Velux window generations, especially for the additional elements of the Velux Cabrio and the Velux roof balcony. The additional window brings more brightness – but here, too, one does not want to do without sun and privacy protection. To not restrict the view outside with a disturbing roller shutter box, it was moved to the underside of the additional element without further ado – and the running direction of the roller shutter was thus turned by 180 degrees. The roller shutter runs from bottom to top. The patented mode of operation of the Baier roller shutter makes this possible.

Various convenient operating modes

This roller shutter can also be operated in various ways. The most convenient type of drive is the electric one utilizing a tubular motor. Please note that a connection to the mains power supply must be ensured. If a timer is connected, the roller shutter opens and closes at the programmed time. Radio or solar control is also possible. Manual operation is the most cost-effective solution. The joint crank is set in motion by rotary movements using an operating rod, and the shaft winds the roller shutter up and down.

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