Can I build sliding shutters myself?

Do-it-yourself – also for sliding shutters?

Of course, like almost everything, you can also build a sliding shutter completely yourself.

A sliding shutter consists of several components, which we would like to discuss to clarify the question:

  • Fitting, i.e. carriage, suspension screw, suspension bracket, stop buffer, lower guide as well as upper runner and lower guide rail.
  • Mounting solution, e.g. support profile and cover panel with side covers
  • Drive, i.e. motor, control unit, toothed belt, idler pulley and belt clamp
  • Shutter, i.e. the actual sliding shutter element, usually consisting of frame and infill panel

The first-mentioned components, i.e. fittings and assembly solutions, are certainly rather challenging to build by yourself completely. These are essentially aluminium profiles, such as the running and guide rails or the support profile and the cover panel, and small accessory components produced in large quantities, such as the carriage and the associated accessories.
Here, the system components interlock so firmly that it is difficult to supplement the available standard components with your construction. However, you get a large selection of sliding shutter fittings – here, it is usually not worth reinventing the wheel (or better the carriage).

When it comes to the drive, the components are relatively complex. The motor and control system consists of technologies that are usually not available for do-it-yourself construction. Even if they were, it would probably not be worth it for a single project, if only for reasons of economy.

The last component, the sliding shutter curtain itself, is the most suitable to work on yourself. Incidentally, it is usually also the part that accounts for the largest share of the costs. We also offer our sliding shutter fittings and drives individually. This means that you can, if you wish, build the entire sliding shutter yourself – or, for example, just have us build the frame and install the infill yourself.

Often it also makes sense for the infill to be provided and/or installed by the customer, for example if there is a façade cladding which is used both on the façade and in the sliding shutter.

The basis of any self-construction idea must be good planning and prior consultation about the project and the performance limits.
If you have such plans, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

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