Aluminium – infinitely recyclable?

Multifunctional, durable and easily recyclable

The material aluminium is almost inexhaustibly available in nature and can be reprocessed again and again without any loss of quality. In other words, none of the properties of aluminium is lost during recycling.

Aluminium is a prime example of a sustainable material with its specific properties – multifunctional, durable and easily recyclable. According to the Swiss Aluminium Association, the recycling rate for aluminium building products is around 96 per cent. For example, the aluminium from a 50-year-old façade can be recycled into the engine block of a new car without any loss of quality. Recycling aluminium scrap requires only five per cent of the energy needed to produce new aluminium.

Due to its properties, the “building material of the modern age” is used in many different ways in the construction industry and, therefore, at Baier. Façades, doors, windows, bridge- and supporting structures to interior and living space design – aluminium has a diverse range of uses in premium applications and lasts for several generations.

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